Design Institute of Australia

Design Institute of Australia.

The Design Institute of Australia (DIA) is Australia’s professional membership body for designers and design businesses.

Membership in the DIA indicates status as a qualified, experienced, ethical practicing professional.

Membership in the DIA provides support, networking, services and information to improve your professional practice. It provides you with a wealth of contacts, and connects you with colleagues from many industry areas.

Getting things done for designers

Support of the DIA ensures that the design professions have a voice in government and industry, and an organisational structure to get things done on behalf of designers.

The DIA represents all professional designers in Australia. It is Australia’s only multi-disciplinary organisation of professional designers, representing all disciplines of design.

Multi-disciplinary strength

By working together, designers ensure they have the numbers and money necessary to operate a strong and active national organisation.

If you practise in a field of professional design that involves technical, commercial and aesthetic judgement, then the DIA is your professional body.

Sixty years of success

Since its formation in 1947 the DIA has been actively improving the community recognition and status of professional designers.

It’s a professional body for designers, founded by the design professions, and run and funded by designers.

National and international network

The DIA promotes the value of professional design and designers to industry, business, government and the community through its National Council and State Branches.

The DIA champions the importance of design in building the commercial and cultural wealth of Australia.

On behalf of its members, the DIA is a member of the major international design organisations. It provides designers with a valuable networking base on state, national and international levels.

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