Butterpaper- Greaseproof Architecture News and Resources for Australia and New Zealand

Butterpaper is one of Australia’s leading architecture blogs. It’s run by Peter Johns, an architect and web designer at Antarctica Group Pty Ltd. Here’s what the author has to say about the site:

Butterpaper.com is a website in perpetual development. It started in April 2000 (as Zebra) and was an exercise in organising an unwieldy array of bookmarks. There were a lot of interesting sites out there but I would go to one and never manage to find it again.

Butter Paper has grown to over 4000 links in many categories (down to 900 in the new site which is growing again from scratch). It attempts to provide a depository of architectural sites in the Australasian region.

Unlike many architecturally-inclined websites in this region, this one is actually run as an integral part of an architectural practice – Antarctica. This enables me to continually interrogate the site from the random viewpoints of a working architect.

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