Australian Institute of Architects

Australian Institute of Architects

The Australian Institute of Architects exists to:

  • advance the interests of members, their professional standards and contemporary practice, and
  • expand and advocate the value of architects and architecture to the sustainable growth of our community, economy and culture.

The Australian Institute of Architects is a national body consisting of almost 10,000 members across Australia and overseas. The Institute was formed in 1930 when state architectural Institutes combined to form a unified national association with the following aims:

  • To advance architecture
  • To maintain the integrity and standing of the profession
  • To promote the profession’s views nationally and internationally, and
  • To encourage the study of architecture

Since then, the Australian Institute of Architects has evolved into a dynamic and progressive national organization with active programs in many areas relating to the architectural profession. It also provides services to other sectors of the community.

By promoting better, responsible and environmental design, the Institute actively lobbies to maintain and improve the quality of our built environment. Raising design standards in our cities, urban areas, commercial and residential buildings, architects and the Institute have a major role in shaping Australia’s future.

The Australian Institute of Architects has established the highest professional standards. They are encouraged to undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD), are obliged to behave in accordance with the Institute’s Code of Professional Conduct and as a result are more likely to be better informed and more up-to-date on all matters architectural.

The Institute offers a wide range of services to its membership. Knowledge Services keeps members abreast of the latest ideas, technology and trends in architecture by providing detailed advice including practice, law, cautionary and client notes, and co-ordinating an extensive CPD program at both national and state level. Training is provided through event based seminars and an accessible online training resource; Institute members receive Australia’s premier architectural magazine, Architecture Australia, as well as chapter bulletins and other publications.

In answer to growing environmental concerns within society, the Institute produces the Environment Design Guide. Impeccably researched and presented, this service offers quarterly supplements containing articles on all aspects of design in order to develop projects that are ecologically sustainable.

As a further service to our members, the Institute conducts research on relevant issues such as market conditions, staffing levels and practice operating costs. By analyzing the results, the Institute is able to monitor issues that affect its members and provide informed advice.

The Australian Institute of Architects is represented on dozens of national and state industry and government bodies, and is affiliated with the Union International Architecture (UIA).

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